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Cost of Commercial Hood Cleaning

How Much Does Hood Cleaning Cost?
10 Items to Consider Before Hiring a Hood Cleaning Company

Hood cleaning companies provide services to restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels, and churches. The average cost of commercial hood cleaning is $102.96 per hour for a two-man crew. However, each project is a little different. The cost of having your kitchen exhaust system professionally cleaned will depend on a number of factors, including:

1. Local labor rates. The cost of kitchen hood cleaning can vary greatly depending on your geographic location. Prices are typically higher in large cities than they are in small, rural towns.

2. Your building's height. Hood cleaning prices tend to be higher for multi-story buildings. These exhaust systems typically require much longer duct runs. In these cases, a contractor may base their quote on the total linear footage of area that needs to be cleaned.

3. What’s included? A hood cleaning company should clean all accessible ductwork, fans, and filters. They should also collect all wastewater and dispose of it properly to avoid clogging your plumbing. Make sure to get all of the details in writing before the cleaning begins. Will they clean everything from the roof to the kitchen’s stove top? Is grease trap cleaning included? Will they replace a broken fan belt? Any repairs and replacement parts will add to the cost of a typical cleaning visit.

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4. Hood size. The size of your hood system will have an impact on the cost of cleaning. Large hoods will take longer to clean and it may also require additional crew members. If your building has more than one exhaust system, this will also add to the cost.

5. Protective plastic sheeting. The contractor should protect appliances and other kitchen surfaces with protective plastic sheeting. Make sure that this expense is included in your cost estimate.

6. Water use. Most hood cleaning services will need to access your water supply. If you do not want the company to use your water, you should expect to pay an additional fee to have water trucked in.

7. What is the hood used for? Each hood is used differently and as a result, the amount of grease buildup will vary. For example, it may be more expensive to clean the hood system of a fast food restaurant that serves more fried foods. These grease exhaust systems may also need to be cleaned more frequently.

8. Hood’s current condition. It is typically cheaper to clean a hood that has been properly maintained. If the hood system has been neglected for years, you can expect to pay a higher price to get it back in good working order. If you have recently received a citation or notice from the Health Department about the condition of your exhaust system, this may also increase the cost of hood cleaning.

9. Are you interested in recurring service? Are you interested in a one-time cleaning service? By signing a service contract with one provider, you may be able to save money over time, especially if your business has several locations. The company will return on a regular basis to ensure your hoods remain safe for use.

10. Documentation. A reputable company should provide you with a detailed report after each cleaning visit. The report should include time-stamped pictures of your exhaust system before and after cleaning.

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